Posted by: ashleyarmstrong1 | November 28, 2009

Online Profile Case Study: Lululemon

Company Snapshot

Lululemon Athletica Inc. is a well-known yoga-inspired, lifestyle athletic wear brand launched out of Vancouver in 1998. Lululemon now has stores across Canada, the US, Australia and a showroom in Hong Kong. In addition to retail, the company also sells via its own website and its wholesale ‘Strategic Sales’ partners. Lululemon is primarily targeted to the 32-year old professional woman, but also has offerings for men and children.

Online Marketing Strategy

The company has done a good job creating a strong, integrated online presence that is in line with its strategy and consistent with the brand. Lululemon doesn’t do traditional advertising –rather the company has a grassroots marketing strategy.  Lululemon builds relationships within its communities and with its customers and grows via word of mouth. The company is extremely customer focused – customer feedback is an important element of product development and company expansion. This strategy is well suited to online marketing with social networks.

Lululemon has an active company blog, Facebook page and Twitter account with dedicated staff online, and is also active on Flickr and Youtube. The company directly communicates with customers and uses online technology to:

  • Ask questions – about new products and designs
  • Obtain customer feedback – both + and – comments and suggestions. Lululemon staff are quick to respond and let people know they will pass feedback on to the design team.
  • Answer questions – customers regularly post questions about product availability, locations, shipping, and so on
  • See where customers are – and consider potential new markets to enter via a retail channel
  • Educate customers – on products, fabrics, locations, new lines
  • Promote events – Lululemon has used Twitter, Youtube and Flickr to promote warehouse sales, for example.
  • Increase brand awareness – the company makes it easy to share its blog posts on social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook.

Lululemon has created an online space where customer engagement is high. Key reasons for Lululemon’s online success include: it is integrated into the company’s overall strategy, is responsive, and useful to customers.


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