Posted by: ashleyarmstrong1 | November 20, 2009

Marketing Yourself and Your Company: Job Hunting and Recruiting with Social Technology

We have seen the news reports and read the warning articles for several years now – time and time again people are not careful about the information they post about themselves on the internet with sometimes devastating results. We’ve read about how companies and universities have been known to look up applicants’ Facebook and MySpace pages when screening potential candidates, and eliminating those with inappropriate photos or comments on their pages. However, many people still don’t follow this advice, and stories continue to be reported about applicants who are passed over or employees who are fired from a job due to incriminating photos.  For example, just today, CBC news reported that an employee lost her job when her insurer found facebook photos of her on a beach holiday while she was on sick leave. These stories go on and on.

Done correctly, however, the internet can be used effectively for career development. In recent years,  social media  has become an effective job search and networking tool. LinkedIn was designed for this purpose. More recently, Twitter has become a popular forum for job-hunting and there are numerous websites offering tips for how to find a job online. Soon we won’t remember how this was done before the advent of the internet!

The newest trend is that companies are using social media rather than traditional methods to recruit for positions. The Globe and Mail reports that many employers now  distribute job postings to “employees, who then place them on their Facebook status updates, tweet them to friends who re-tweet them, and share them through LinkedIn networks.” This method is much less costly, and because current employees are involved, can be more targeted. In tighter economic times, companies are looking for ways to reduce costs and streamline processes and this certainly fits the bill. This can be good news for people on the job hunt. Using social media to investigate job opportunities and creating a well-positioned online presence can go  a long way in finding and being offered the right job.


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